Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dear Students,

I am no longer in-charge of workshop technology class.

Therefore this blog will be shutdown for now.

please visit me at for new updates on my subjects

Friday, April 10, 2009

Notice to Fri Class Students (My Section)

Dear Students,

Sorry that i cannot make it today (Friday 10/4/09). I am down with food poisioning..suspected from the UPNM cafe???

However please come to the replacement class which will be held on next monday 13/4/09 at 2-4pm. This will cover most of the topics that we have missed out. Also i will share a few tips for the exam.

Please do come. tq

Monday, April 6, 2009


To all EMP2112 Students,

The last test will be on milling, turning and casting topics. the test will be held next coming friday (17/4/09) at level 8 & 9 class room (bilik kuliah yang hujung).

Test format: similar as test 1. There will be a calculation and also theoretical questions.

Best of luck.

For my section... ada kelas this week. so better come.


Dear All EMP 2112 Students,

Please be informed that there is a sudden change of plan. Due to logistic problem (transportation) i am forced to postpone the casting workshop in upm this week.

Therefore, i have rescheduled the workshop to be held on Tues (14/4), Wed (15/4) & Thurs (16/4) as according to your time slot.

Tues (14/4)- Depart 0900H to UPM. Return to UPNM (1200H)

Wed (15/4)- Depart 0900H to UPM. Return to UPNM (1200H)

Thur (16/4) -Depart 0900H to UPM. Return to UPNM (1200H) for Group 1 (morning section)
Afternoon section (wait for the bus to return from UPM, and depart)
Return 1700H.

Please wear the usual class uniform. Bus pickup will be exactly as mentioned above. Whoever does not show on time...well bye bye..


oh BTW, the notes for casting are as below

notes 1

notes 2

notes 3

please also do a further readings regarding casting...dont just rely on all the notes given...library kan ada...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dear Students,

Just received news from UPM. They have agreed to conduct the casting demonstration for us from 6th-9th April (according the the 3 hour workshop timeslot)

Uniform: Formal uniform. No need for coverall.

Will post any new updates soon.

UPDATES for This WEEK 23-27/3

Dear Students,

Pls be informed that i m still on leave till 27/3 (Viva Session)

For Wednesday class section, pls submit this exercise (download here) to En Saiddi office by this afternoon 4pm. Late submission will be discard.

For Friday's section, well use this hour to continued your project work.

For next week i am planning to hold a class (gantian) for 1 hour on Mon and Tues. Please let me know which hour (for each section) that you are free. If there is not respond from all of you, i will conduct the class during lunch hours (1-2pm). Whoever want to come is very much appreciated. Regarding room location, pls meet up at the usual room.

This is because i have to conduct a blast test at Asahan Melaka (Wed) and (Fri) next week.

Good Luck & sorry for the inconvenience.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Milling Lecture Note

Dear EMP 2112 Students (my sections)

Pls be informed that i will be on leave from 12/3 to 18/3 and 23/3 to 27/3 this month.

During my absences (lecture session), pls use the time to do the project or revise back the notes that i gave to you in this blog. Remember for the next exam, we will combine all 3 topics (turning,milling and casting) and the marks will be 40%.

notes milling 1

notes milling 2

thank you. If you have any problem related to EMP 2112, pls do give me a call or email me.